First test run at the track with this 2010 Camaro. We went big with an F1X pro charger set up. Keeping the boost lower while we continue to make adjustments. Car Ran a 9.6s in the 1/4.


What we're Up to...


​Finished up that badass  495ci 13:1 RHS tall deck. Built for nitrous! Car Makes 1033 whp 1057 torque on a small shot of nitrous 


2013 Dodge Viper. Forged rods and pistons, mild head porting and a shot of nitrous! Car makes 866 whp 987 ft lbs torque. 

​Monday - Friday  8am - 5pm

Tunes are scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday evenings and occasional  Saturdays.

Another OSC V making 800+ with stock bottom end and stock auto trans! Car has full bolts on's, custom cam, heads and methanol. Makes 827 Whp and 803 torque. No Nitrous needed! 


Outlawed Street Cars in Tempe